Caterpillar to Butterfly Kits

Have fun repopulate butterflies by raising and releasing them yourself with our Caterpillar to Butterfly Raising Kits. Together, we can make our environment beautiful again.

Our caterpillar to butterfly kits come with everything you need to enjoy watching the cycle of life.

The caterpillar refill kits come with what you need to raise your caterpillars to butterflies (no cage included).

You’ll get easy to understand Painted Lady butterfly kit instructions with your purchase.

Ordering caterpillars for classrooms is a great and fun way to educate students about the life cycle.

About Us

The name, “One Chill Butterfly,” began when we first started this project. When the first Painted Lady caterpillars began hatching into butterflies, we were still debating over a few competing ideas from the group. 

While working, and listening to our favorite low-fi hip-hop YouTube channel, a butterfly flew onto a volunteer’s shoulder and stayed there while we finished our work. After said and done, the volunteer said, “this is one chill butterfly.” The name stayed since. 😊